Brazil is getting its own online Killer Instinct league

By on August 11, 2017 at 9:00 am
Brasil KI League

Hoping to keep Brazilian Killer Instinct players fighting fit for the game’s Steam release, Shame Team has announced a special KI league for any and all players in Brazil. It will be a circuit of nine tournaments, with the hope of crowning the country’s top Killer Instinct player.

It looks to work similar to Europe’s King of the Ring tournament series, with players competing in online events to earn circuit points. While the actual event is specifically for Brazilian residents, Shame Team may run an English stream if the Brasil League gets enough support.

The first tournament will be this Sunday, with all the action being streamed on the Shame Team Twitch channel. If you’re a Brazilian KI player looking to strut your stuff, make sure to sign up!

Source: ST_LemonHunter

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