The first two episodes of The King of Fighters: Destiny are now available via SNK’s YouTube channel

By on August 10, 2017 at 10:30 am
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Revealed all the way back in January by SNK China, the first two episodes of the new CG The King of Fighters series is now available to watch on YouTube. Following famous KOF characters like Kyo, Benimaru, Terry, and Daimon, this series is set to run for 24 episodes, with all of them hopefully coming to the SNK YouTube channel.

The first episode, named “South Town,” sees Kyo arriving for the latest KOF tournament and having a brawl with rival and trucker hat aficionado Terry Bogard. Episode two — called “Kyokugen Style” — has Kyo and friends heading off to Geese Tower and fighting against Billy Kane, Geese’s bodyguard and amateur pole vaulter.

Source: SNKGame

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