Dan Salvato releases the Universal Controller Fix for Super Smash Bros. Melee

By on August 10, 2017 at 12:30 pm

Debates about controllers and controller legality have really flared up over the past few months in the Melee community, thanks to projects like the Smash Box, the B0XX and the lesser known Smash Stick coming onto the scene. While the jury is still out on legalizing Box-like controllers or specific hardware mods, 20XX:TE creator Dan Salvato and other top Melee modders has been hard at work creating a software update to solve some pertinent controller problems.

If you aren’t aware, certain GameCube controllers are able to perform techniques like shield-drops and dash backs with greater consistency, thanks to a specific controller malfunction. It’s luck of the draw as to whether your controller has these malfunctions, so players will horde these controllers whenever they find one. Having to rely on such a specific hardware fault — which cannot be readily identified — is pretty ludicrous, so this group of Melee modders has created a special codeset to make it so all controllers can consistently perform these techniques.

Called the Universal Controller Fix, this mod makes so all controllers can shield drop or dash back with the same consistency as these rare malfunctioning controllers. The techniques in question are not easier to perform with this mod, nor does it change their required input; it just makes it so there isn’t a random chance you may fail when you try to do a dash back for example.

The UCF is available for download from this link and it is fully compatible with Dolphin, meaning netplay monsters can start using it straight away. Much like 20XX:TE, there are also plans for special memory cards which will come bundled with the UCF as standard.

As it has been developed in partnership with modders and specific Melee TOs, Shine 2017 will use the UCF on all tournament setups. You will be able to tell via a special icon on the character select screen, and there are plans to sell 20XX:TE memory cards with UCF bundled in at Shine 2017.

Sources: Dan Salvato; r/smashbros

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