Adriano Lopes’s slick Tekken 7 Kazuya CMV features 100% combos, de-transform combos, and more!

By on August 10, 2017 at 6:00 pm
darkangel kazuya tekken 7 cmv thumb

Combo videos that stand out do so because they do more then just show you optimal high damage. That’s why the juggle system of Tekken 7 works so well for combo videos: the free-form creativity it allows pushes players to come up with their own interesting twists. Adriano Lopes‘s latest Kazuya combo video “DARKANGEL” is a great example of this.

There’s some usual culprits here: 6 Electric Wind God Fists seems like a requirement at this point for a Mishima combo video, but there’s some definite standout combos that you’ll never see anywhere else. For example: 6 wall re-splats in the same combo, de-transforming from Kazuya’s devil form mid-combo, and mid-juggle cross up EWGFs.

Source: Adriano Lopes

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