New Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2 patch adds story content, fixes bugs

By on August 9, 2017 at 9:00 am

Console owners of Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2 should find a nice surprise waiting for them, if they haven’t started their game recently. There’s a new patch for REV 2, so PlayStation 3 and 4 users can upgrade their games to see some new content and bug fixes.

According to the Japanese Arc System Works website, PC/Steam users have to wait a little longer for the patch. GREATFERNMAN has kindly translated the notes. The main addition to the game is After Story C, which is an additional episode available to those who cleared the sequential story content in the game. Finishing C also unlocks new figures in Digital Figure, and there are new entries in the GG World encyclopedia.

Here’s the translated list of bug fixes, with additional comments by the translator:

Bug Fixes
Fixed a bug where PS4 online matches would terminate unexpectedly.
Fixed a bug where, when starting Combo Mode from the Online Lobby or a Player Match Room, the character select screen would not show up and Combo Mode would not start normally.
Battle Related Bug Fixes
Fixed a bug where the puddle set by Eddie H was invulnerable.
Fixed a bug where I-no could do a regular airdash (not the downward one) from 663.
Reduced the time available to follow up after landing a regular throw on Baiken.
Fixed a bug where Leo continued reflecting projectiles even after stance counter’s action has been altered (counter YRC still reflecting)
Made it so that Leo does not swap places with grounded opponents while in crumple state.
Fixed a bug where a low air throw would leave the opponent in grounded hitstun.
Once 623[K] has left the ground, it cannot be cancelled into 623K~4 any longer.
If 623[K] is still on the ground it can be cancelled into 623K~4 regardless if on whiff or not/
(Double Shiinken is still possible, cancelling landing from 623[K] into 623K~4 was specifically removed.).
Fixed a bug where Raven would not lose excitement meter after a whiffed S command grab.
Fixed a bug where the slow from 236P and j.236P/K would not go away.
Fixed a bug where Answer would sometimes cling to the wrong position instead of the scroll.

Sources: Arc System Works; Evernote

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