Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite producers talk about Story Mode, Thanos, and flashy team combos

By on August 9, 2017 at 10:30 am
MvCI Thanos

With Gamescom hoping to reveal loads more about Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, Capcom have released a quick interview ahead of the show to talk about the game’s Story Mode, the return of mad titan Thanos, and the flashiest team combos that they have seen so far.

The Story Mode demo that was released during E3 is the first 25 minutes of the game, with it introducing all of the core cast, main villain Ultron-Sigma, and Thanos himself. As you can imagine, Thanos is a reluctant ally of the Marvel and Capcom heroes, so expect him to double-cross you sometime during Story Mode.

According to producer Mike Evans, the flashiest team in the current build of MvC:I is Dante and Gamora, thanks to their massive movesets and ability to mix up your opponent eight ways to Sunday. Assistant producer Peter “ComboFiend” Rosas also picked Dante, but paired him with machine maniac Ultron, because of his fly-unfly combos.

They also briefly discussed adding Yoshinori Ono as a playable character, with Blanka acting as a Groot-like assist during his Hyper Combos. He even glides past the camera when he’s mentioned by the producers — someone must have him as their Assist.

Source: marvelvscapcom

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