Famitsu interview sheds light on the upcoming BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle game

By on August 9, 2017 at 12:00 pm
BlazBlue Tag Battle

Since Evolution 2017, we haven’t really heard anything regarding one funky project: the BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle game, which includes characters from the BB, Persona, Under Night In-Birth, and RWBY series. Recently, Toshimichi Mori gave an interview with Famitsu regarding the project, which is coming sometime in 2018. Video producer Novril translated some tidbits from it and summarized them on Twitter.

Here are the Tweets Novril made about the Famitsu article (after the first one, the text is copied verbatim).

2. Straight to homes this time, no arcade version.

3. This game is not a sequel to the BlazBlue series and does not continue the BB story.

4. It will not play similar to BlazBlue. It’s a brand new game with a brand new system.

5. Designed from the ground up to be pad friendly.

6. The game will have a story mode that will revolve around the cross over between all the different worlds.

7. They revealed the game early in development because they want fans to tell them which characters from the franchises they want the most.

8. Currently no plans to add Guilty Gear characters despite being aware of the requests.

9. Currently no more additional franchises planned other than the current 4, but they want to expand in the future if possible.

10. Though it will be done very conservatively and carefully, to handle and present each franchise with respect.

11. Many character models don’t fit well with each other visually (especially UNI) so they are also reworking sprites.

12. Most of the characters picks for the roster are already set in stone, but still see #7.

13. The game’s main target crowd is the fans abroad rather than in Japan.

14. Also Mori said BlazBlue’s story isn’t over, just Ragna’s saga.

What do you think of the points above? It looks like Arc System Works is listening to players when it comes to which characters may make it in. Whether they’ll form a formal poll, we’ll see.

BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle was revealed at Evolution 2017.

Sources: Novril; Famitsu

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