ARIKA reveals Allen Snider as the latest character for the ARIKA EX project

By on August 9, 2017 at 10:00 am

ARIKA unveiled their latest character for the (as of yet untitled) spiritual successor to Fighting Layer and Street Fighter EX series: the star-spangled ginger, Allen Snider.

The American freestyle fighter was sadly not ready in time for the nearly 2-hour steam on Daigo Umehara’s BeasTV show. However, the developers promise they will have game play footage of Allen ready by next month. Its purely speculation, but Allen will likely retain his shoto-esque style. Personally, I await the return of Justice Fist.

Another reveal from the Q&A livestream is that ARIKA is currently only developing a PlayStation 4 version. Their stated reason is that they do not, as a small developer, have the resources to create a PC version. Perhaps if the ARIKA fighter does well, they will be able to provide a port of this much-hyped fighter.

Source: arika

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