Reminder: Capcom has included costume Easter eggs in Street Fighter V’s newest premium outfits

By on August 8, 2017 at 7:00 pm
sfv guile nuckledu cpt skull

Last year, we were greeted with an Easter egg code to get the classic Urien thong costume in Street Fighter V, and another for the swimsuit costumes. By pressing all three punches, light kick, and holding up at the same time (LP+MP+HP+LK+⇑), the costume can be altered before/between rounds. The changes also existed with Chun-Li’s and Cammy’s Capcom Pro Tour costumes from last season, as well as Necalli’s CPT outfit and Akuma’s nostalgia costume.

Just in case you hadn’t tried it yet, Capcom has continued this trend, and the same Easter egg works on various new costumes. It affects last year’s Christmas and Halloween outfits, as well as the new Capcom Pro Tour outfits, sports, professional, school, and nostalgia costumes. Doing this with Alex grants you a bomber jacket to go with his classic outfit. NuckleDu’s costume for Guile in the Capcom Pro Tour pack removes his backpack, and dons a skull bandanna over his mouth. If you have any premium costumes, jump into training mode and try them out with the code to see what changes!

[Thanks to Steven for the reminder via the tipline!]


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