Leaked video may hint at Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite’s future in esports [UPDATED]

By on August 8, 2017 at 9:00 am
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Ever since it was announced last December, many players have been wondering if Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite would be getting the same kind of competitive esports support that Capcom’s other fighting game, Street Fighter V, has received. Now, a video that may give us the answer to this question has been making the rounds on sites such as Reddit, GameFAQs, and even our own forums.

The video in question seems to be a marketing deck meant for investors, shareholders, sponsors, and business partners. However, for some reason it was posted online and made public. The account itself used for the video uses the name of John Diamonon, who many may know as Capcom’s Senior Director of Licensing & Esports. However, we’re unable to verify if the account is actually his. [Updated, see below. – Editor]

What’s more interesting however is the content of the video. Specifically, it seems to detail Capcom’s esports plans for Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite for both this year and the next. For this year, the plan involves online qualifiers for 14 players, followed by 2 extra slots. One of these is for a last chance qualifier at Capcom Cup. The other, however, is for a player who will receive a special invite after winning a special one-off tournament. No details of this one off tournament have been given other than it will be “highly publicized and televised.” This may indicate something similar to TBS’s ELEAGUE for Street Fighter V.

As for next year, the plan seems to be to create an annual esports league around Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite using the same structure as the Capcom Pro Tour. This league will allow players to qualify for Capcom Cup via Evo, premier events, and online events throughout the world. In addition to this, the video also mentions qualifying via standalone events, mentioning partners such as Red Bull, Turner Sports, and ESL.

As part of this tour, Capcom is supposedly aiming to raise about $600,000 in prize money. While some of this will come from the sale of DLC — similar to Street Fighter V — it seems that they’re looking to raise a significant part of this, as well as the overall funding needed to run the tour, via sponsorships.

The rest of the video is dedicated to further number-crunching, including how much it’ll actually take to run the tour, and how much profit is expected to be made, based on their previous experience with the Capcom Pro Tour.

[The video was, unsurprisingly, deleted shortly after it went public — but can still be viewed here via Dropbox, or here via Streamable.]

Editor’s note: Joey Cuellar has posted this clarification regarding Evo references and footage contained in the video:

UPDATE: John Diamonon offers a clarification:

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