Dissidia Final Fantasy NT’s closed beta runs from August 26th to September 4th

By on August 8, 2017 at 3:00 pm

Hot off the announcement of Jecht joining the Dissidia Final Fantasy NT roster, Square Enix have revealed the dates for the 3v3 brawler’s closed beta. It will begin at 9:00 AM PDT on August 26th, and will run until 9:00 AM PDT on September 4th. Here are the 14 playable fighters that will be available in the beta:

  • Warrior of Light (Final Fantasy)
  • Firion (Final Fantasy II)
  • Onion Knight (Final Fantasy III)
  • Cecil Harvey (Final Fantasy IV)
  • Bartz Klauser (Final Fantasy V)
  • Terra Branford (Final Fantasy VI)
  • Cloud Strife (Final Fantasy VII)
  • Squall Leonhart (Final Fantasy VIII)
  • Zidane Tribal (Final Fantasy IX)
  • Tidus (Final Fantasy X)
  • Shanotto (Final Fantasy XI)
  • Vaan (Final Fantasy XII)
  • Lightning (Final Fantasy XIII)
  • Y’sholta (Final Fantasy XIV)

Unfortunately, the beta is strictly good guy versus good guy, so those looking to play as Exdeath or Sephiroth will be disappointed. If you attended Sunday finals of Evo, you should hopefully still have your Dissidia Final Fantasy NT beta code, while everyone else will have to sign up online. Players from the Americas can sign up here, while Europeans should use this link.

Source: Final Fantasy

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