The Red Bull Proving Grounds Finals comes to Chicago on October 21st

By on August 7, 2017 at 1:00 pm
Red Bull Proving Grounds 2017

Moving from Santa Monica to Chicago, the season finale for this year’s Red Bull Proving Grounds will see 12 teams from around the USA competing to be the best region in the country. Hosted at Joe’s Live Rosemont, teams will face off in 3v3 battles until one group is left standing. Similar to last year, the winning team will not only receive bragging rights, but a free trip to compete in the Capcom Pro Tour North America Finals at Red Bull Battle Grounds.

The big change is that this year’s Proving Grounds Finals will be open to the public, meaning Street Fighter V fans from all around the country can come support their team. What’s more, entry will be free so fly out your entire local scene to cheer for your friends.

There are still plenty of regional stops on the Proving Grounds tour before the Chicago finals, so get out there and prove your region is the best at Street Fighter V! More information can also be found on the Facebook event page.

Source: Red Bull eSports

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