Jecht joins the Dissidia Final Fantasy NT roster

By on August 7, 2017 at 10:00 am
Jecht Dissidia NT

Announced via one of Square Enix’s marathon Dissidia Final Fantasy NT livestreams, Final Fantasy X‘s Jecht has been revealed as the next character to join the game’s roster. A star Blitzball player and Tidus’ abusive father, Jecht excels at overwhelming his opponents through a combination of powerful punches and flaming sword slashes.

All of his attacks can be charged up, which can add extra hits, increase their range or allow Jecht to break through an opponent’s block. Players can further beef up Jecht’s massive damage by correctly timing button presses during his combos, making him the strongest pound-for-pound melee attacker in Dissidia NT.

Along with his strong offense, Jecht can easily stop other frontline fighters through the use of his Jecht Block. This parry move deflects almost any attack, even those with guard crush capabilities. If Jecht gets in on you, don’t be surprised if you lose your entire life bar.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is scheduled to launch on PS4 in early 2018, with a closed beta happening later this year.

Source: Square Enix Japan

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