TeamSoloMid follow Leffen’s Evo journey with new series “Hjelte”

By on August 6, 2017 at 10:00 am
Leffen TSM Series

Joining other esports organizations in creating Melee player documentaries, TeamSoloMid have just released a trailer for new three-part series “Hjelte”, which tracks William “Leffen “Hjelte’s time at this year’s Evo. Along with showing the quieter moments between tournament sets, this documentary has interviews with Leffen’s friends and rivals within the community, in order to show what the community thinks of Melee’s main villain.

While the main focus is Leffen’s Evo journey, the documentary will seek to explore the Melee scene as a whole, as well as cover Leffen’s life before and after this year’s Evo. According to TSM’s video producer, the series will be coming “very, very soon“, so expect something before the end of August.

Sources: TSMAndrew; TeamSoloMid

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