BoxeR-King breaks down the theory and application behind King’s Wavedash in Tekken 7

By on August 6, 2017 at 11:00 am

It’s easy to forget that King even wavedashes in Tekken 7. While his wavedash is potentially powerful, this movement tool hardly shows up as a central part of the game-play of even the highest tier players, such as Lil Majin and Pekos, for two primary reasons:  It’s a stylistic choice and It’s actually really difficult to preform, even moreso then the Mishima wavedash.

But if this high octane footsie tool fits you, it is worth learning. This is the subject of BoxeR-King‘s latest King tutorial: an exploration in the execution and possibilities that King’s wavedash provides. You won’t get it overnight, but adding mastery over King’s wavedash it will set you apart from most other King players.

Source: BoxeR-King

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