Fight in Rio Revenge results

By on August 5, 2017 at 11:22 am

Fight in Rio is back for another year! The 2017 event is not only a part of the Street Fighter V Capcom Pro Tour, but also the Injustice 2 Pro Series for Latin America. Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2, Karnov’s Revenge, The King of Fighters XIV and Tekken 7 round out the list of tournament games.

If you want to watch the action, tune into the streams below and follow the brackets on Challonge.


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All times in BRT (UTC -3).




Street Fighter V

1. F3|Brolynho (Necalli)
2. AAG|Shingolex (Balrog)
3. Keoma (Karin)
4. SHK|Ludo (Akuma)
5. AAG|DIDIMOKOF (Dhalsim)
5. Umbrella|HKDASH (M. Bison)
7. Umbrella|Dark (Urien)
7. N3T|cabelo3000 (F.A.N.G)

Match Log
Grand Final

F3|Brolynho (Necalli) vs. AAG|Shingolex (Balrog) – 1-3 Reset
F3|Brolynho (Necalli) vs. AAG|Shingolex (Balrog) – 3-0

Losers Final

AAG|Shingolex (Balrog) vs. Keoma (Karin) – 3-1

Winners Final

F3|Brolynho (Necalli) vs. Keoma (Karin) – 3-0

Losers Semi-final

AAG|Shingolex (Balrog) vs. SHK|Ludo (Akuma) – 3-1

Top 8 Winners

AAG|Shingolex (Balrog) vs. Keoma (Karin) – 0-3
F3|Brolynho (Necalli) vs. AAG|DIDIMOKOF (Dhalsim) – 3-1

Top 8 Losers

SHK|Ludo (Akuma) vs. Umbrella|Dark (Urien) – 3-2
N3T|cabelo3000 (F.A.N.G) vs. Umbrella|HKDASH (M. Bison) – 0-3

AAG|DIDIMOKOF (Dhalsim) vs. SHK|Ludo (Akuma) – 2-3
AAG|Shingolex (Balrog) vs. Umbrella|HKDASH (M. Bison) – 3-0


The King of Fighters XIV

1. CDA|KLEBER YAGAMI (Benimaru/Kyo/Iori)
2. Duh|heloisa (Benimaru/Leona/Iori, Mai/Benimaru/Leona)
3. KMR|Du (Verse/Rock/Muimui)
4. Monokof (Kula/Leona/Athena)

Match Log
Grand Final

CDA|KLEBER YAGAMI (Benimaru/Kyo/Iori) vs. Duh|heloisa (Mai/Benimaru/Leona) – 3-1

Losers Final

KMR|Du (Verse/Rock/Muimui) vs. Duh|heloisa (Leona/Benimaru/Iori) – 1-3

Winners Final

CDA|KLEBER YAGAMI (Benimaru/Kyo/Iori) vs. KMR|Du (Verse/Rock/Muimui) – 3-0

Losers Semi-final

Monokof (Kula/Leona/Athena) vs. Duh|heloisa (Benimaru/Leona/Iori) – 0-2


Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2

1. Trema (Answer)
2. Zazs (Bedman)
3. SOAD (Baiken)
4. Fabinho_slayer (May, Slayer)

Match Log
Grand Final

Trema (Answer) vs. Zazs (Bedman) – 3-2 Reset
Trema (Answer) vs. Zazs (Bedman) – 3-0

Losers Final

Trema (Answer) vs. SOAD (Baiken) – 3-1

Winners Final

SOAD (Baiken) vs. Zazs (Bedman) – 2-3

Losers Semi-final

Trema (Answer) vs. Fabinho_slayer (May) – 2-1


Tekken 7

1. PdM|Leoxaves (Eliza, Master Raven)
2. MdT|xtriplox (Katarina, Leo)
3. ruLIN (Hwoarang)
4. PdM|FELIPELING (Xiaoyu)

Match Log
Grand Final

PdM|Leoxaves (Eliza) vs. MdT|xtriplox (Leo, Katarina) – 3-0

Losers Final

ruLIN (Hwoarang) vs. MdT|xtriplox (Katarina) – 2-3

Winners Final

PdM|Leoxaves (Eliza, Master Raven) vs. ruLIN (Hwoarang) – 3-1

Losers Semi-final

MdT|xtriplox (Leo) vs. PdM|FELIPELING (Xiaoyu) – 2-0

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