Playergodaines shows off big Yuri combos for The King of Fighters XIV version 2.01

By on August 4, 2017 at 2:00 pm
Yuri Ryo

The latest patch to The King of Fighters XIV was not particular kind to the popular Kyokugen girl, Yuri Sakazaki. Ryo’s daughter suffered meter, damage, and health nerfs — but that doesn’t mean she can’t still hit like a truck.

playergodaines‘s latest combo video not only shows off Yuri’s absurd damage output, but also demonstrates some of the ways she can take advantage of character hurtboxes. The character specific mid-juggle option of EX Air Fireball only work on Sylvie, Mian, Kensou, Athena, Meitenkun, Mui Mui, Nakoruru, Chang, and Yuri. It’s a nice, flashy alternative for Yuri players looking for a little combo finesse.

Source:  playergodaines

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