BadIntent develops new safe jump for Pokkén Tournament’s Blaziken

By on August 4, 2017 at 5:00 pm
pokken blaziken dive kick

If you’ve spent any time with Pokkén Tournament at all, you already know that Blaziken is a character of extremes. He does massive damage to his opponent, but his enhanced special moves deal damage to himself in the form of recoverable health. This is particularly true of the long wall combos the character is best known for, which can end up using several special moves in one combo.

Knowing all this, it’s a pretty bad feeling for a Blaziken player to have built up all that recoverable health after doing a cool combo, only to get popped in the jaw by a wakeup Extreme Speed from Lucario and watch your lifebar melt away.

Well, worry no more. Pokkén Pro BadIntent has developed a new safe jump off wall combos specifically to beat i9 armored moves. These are Pokkén’s Dragon Punch equivalents, such as Lucario’s Extreme Speed and Pikachu’s Volt Tackle. With this safe jump, these problem moves can now be baited out without giving up your meaty pressure. Burn brightly, Blaziken players.

Source: BadIntent

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