Season 3 of For Honor announced, introduces Highlander and Gladiator, rebalancing, and more

By on August 3, 2017 at 4:00 pm

Season three of Ubisoft’s hack n’ slash fighter For Honor was just announced today! This season, branded “Grudge and Glory,” has officially been given a launch date of August 15th. “Grudge and Glory” introduces two new characters (the Highlander and the Gladiator), two new maps, tournament modes, re-balancing on both existing characters and maps, and new customization options.

Considering the launch date is almost immediately after the conclusion of their World Tournament Series, it seems Ubisoft is trying to deliberately maintain any momentum from this event. Whether this and the announcement of dedicated servers will be enough to revitalize For Honor remains to be seen.

Source: ForHonorGame

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