MeleeItOnMe release the new recommended ruleset for Super Smash Bros. Melee

By on August 3, 2017 at 2:00 pm

With issues swirling around modded controllers, mid-set coaching and ledge-grab limits, the high council of Super Smash Bros. Melee has finally met to discuss a new recommended ruleset for the game. Voted on by members of MeleeItOnMe, this new ruleset is open to amendment, so don’t expect certain elements to be set in stone.

First off, competitive Melee will continue to use NTSC or PAL version 1.02 with the use of a standard memory card. That means no using modded versions of Melee to fix dash-backs, shield-drops and Firefox angles. By extension, no hardware modifications that fix these issues can be used either, so Arduino controllers are out of the question. Shield-drop notches and cosmetic controller mods are still allowed.

One of the biggest questions going into this new ruleset was the question of the Smash Box and other box-like controllers. On a vote of four to one, the MeleeItOnMe leadership panel voted to tentatively ban controllers like the Smash Box and the B0XX, with the reason being given that “the use of a GC controller is somewhat intrinsic to what [they] consider ‘playing Melee.'” This may be subject to change — I certainly hope it will — but controllers of this type will not be allowed at tournaments that follow this ruleset.

Mid-set coaching is also banned with this rule-set and warm-up periods before games are now restricted to 30 seconds using Melee’s in-game timer. For the entire rule set, a breakdown of how the panel voted and an explanation for certain rulings, go to MeleeItOnMe’s official website. You can also find details on how to propose amendments to the ruleset on the official ruleset PDF.

Source: MeleeItOnMe

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