Eighty Sixed launches their new “Mandala” T-shirt with a mystical Dhalsim cosplay video

By on August 3, 2017 at 8:00 pm
eighty sixed mandala dhalsim crop

Perfect to wear to Yoga practice, or your local SFV tournament.

Eighty Sixed has debuted a new Street Fighter V T-shirt, this time for fans of the mysterious Yoga master Dhalsim. The new design is appropriately titled “Mandala”:

To celebrate the new shirt’s arrival, Eighty Sixed presents this video to help get you in the Yoga frame of mind:

Seems Dhalsim even gets bored with Yoga asanas now and then, since he snuck some Tai Chi forms in there at the end! The cosplayer is Hex of Nein & Hex.

You can pick up the new Mandala T-shirt design from Eighty Sixed for $24.00 USD.

Source: Eighty Sixed

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