Twitter roundup: The first day of BlazBlue: Central Fiction’s 2.0 arcade patch

By on August 3, 2017 at 12:30 pm

The 2.0 update to BlazBlue: Central Fiction just hit arcades in Japan (as well as cabinets around the world that use the NESICA Live system), so players are busy discovering the changes. Beyond what’s said in the patch notes, it turns out that there’s quite a lot of new things to discover. Sometimes, some very small modifications can completely alter or enable brand new tech. Here’s a sample of some of the interesting changes players found so far:

Here’s an important universal change: as stated in the BlazBlue patch notes, Exceed Accel attacks are a lot less safe now. If blocked, they are “at least -9 frames,” according to Minami. You’re also in counter-hit state.

We saw this coming, but this is still hilarious to see:

This is what Jubei looks like when Amane uses his Astral Heat on him. Adorable!

Speaking of Amane, here’s just how much the chip damage has improved on his Spiral attacks:

You can also optimize your combos on Jubei, since he has more hit-stun than other characters; it’s as if he’s considered a crouching character.

Excited for some Kagura buffs? Here’s some brand new stuff from the Black Knight. Check out this player’s timeline for a lot more Kagura clips.

Here’s a new deathloop from Hakumen. It’s all the same to the receiving player, isn’t it?

In case you were curious: yes, Carl can still do unblockable loops on you. They cost more resources though, and do less damage.

Nine’s level 2 spells changed up a bit.

Susano’o’s moves are faster now:

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