Jubei overview video showcases the master’s prowess in the BlazBlue: Central Fiction update

By on August 2, 2017 at 11:00 am

Are you ready for the cat sensei? Jubei has plenty of hype behind him, and from what we can finally see in a video overview by Arc System Works, he lives up to it!

At last, we have a longer, more detailed look at what exactly Jubei does in a fight. Movement-wise, Jubei’s backdash can be performed out of a run in a way that crosses-up the opponent. He can also start running forward a lot faster if he does his regular backdash.

Jubei has two parry moves, forward A and forward B, and they target low or mid attacks. He can combo out of them. The Drive, “Shiranui,” marks the opponent. This interacts with one of his Distortion Drives, which will cross-up teleport the enemy if they’re marked. If Jubei uses his install-type Distortion Drive, “Immobility: Silk Lotus Formation,” his Drive changes to allow him to set up four marks on the screen. He dashes rapidly to those. The rest of his move set is also empowered, allowing him to do more follow-up attacks.

Two weaknesses that we can see outright are: very short attack range, and as demonstrated with a Ragna combo, and it appears that Jubei is in a “perma-crouching state,” at least for combo purposes. That means that other characters can automatically do their crouching confirms on him.

If you want to see his full move list with explained and translated attacks, check out the BlazBlue Wikia Jubei page.

I mean, look at that backwalk animation. You wouldn’t hit a kitty, would you?

Jubei is arriving shortly to BlazBlue: Central Fiction arcade cabinets — dated August 3rd. We have no console version confirmation yet.

Source: Arc System Works (YouTube)

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