Disney looks at hosting esports tournaments at ESPN’s Wide World of Sports in Orlando

By on August 2, 2017 at 4:00 pm
ESPN Wide World of Sports

While CEO may be moving to Daytona for its 2018 event, the FGC may be returning to Orlando in the near future as part of Disney’s push into the world of esports. Set to be completed in January 2018, Disney will be opening a 8000-seat stadium inside the ESPN Wide World of Sports complex in Orlando, which is being poised for hosting future esports tournaments.

“We are absolutely looking at esports and [the stadium is] a wonderful venue for that,” says Faron Kelley, the vice president of Disney Sports. “Everyone is learning at the same time about what is the best way to do this. With our unique configuration we could have an esports event going on at the same time as an esports conference or expo in one of our other venues. We have got a lot of flexibility.”

Based on ESPN’s history with the FGC — recently televising Evo finals for both Street Fighter V and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U — I’d expect fighting game events would definitely be on the company’s radar. When you also consider other media outlets like the BBC and Turner Broadcasting are giving the FGC a shot, I wouldn’t be surprised if Disney try to host their own televised event in this brand new arena.

So the question remains, when are we going to see Mickey Mouse throw a Hadoken?

Source: Forbes

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