TDG Fergus demonstrates how to nullify Eddy’s Rage Drive in Tekken 7 on reaction

By on July 31, 2017 at 7:00 pm
Eddy Gordon Tekken 7

During the second round of the very first fight between Spero Gin and P. Ling at BCF2, P. Ling demonstrated a level of anti-character knowledge not yet seen in tournament play. He took advantage of a small gap between the two hits of Eddy’s rage drive to use Ling Xiaoyu’s Art of Phoenix stance, which allowed him to avoid the second hit on reaction and punish.

But this tech is not limited to the slippery Ling Xiaoyu. As TDG Fergus demonstrates, Ling is not the only character capable of wiggling out of the second hit of this Rage Drive. Included in the video above are methods for about half the cast to nullify the Rage Drive on reaction — though some are more practical then others.

Source: TDG Fergus

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