Top Japanese Street Fighter V players start a special mentoring program for aspiring pros

By on July 30, 2017 at 1:00 pm
SFV Japanese Mentor Program

Hoping to raise the next generation of Street Fighters, a collection of Japanese esports team have come together for a special mentoring scheme. This will see various pro Street Fighter V players coaching a player in order to compete in a grand showdown later this year. The plan is to then have the winners from this rising star program fight against other talented players from other countries.

As you can see from the above Tweets, many of the selected students are already great players, with Moke making to all the way to top 8 at this year’s Evo. Here is a rundown of each mentor and their coach:

  • Cyclops Osaka – Dogura and GO1 mentoring Moke (one of Japan’s best Rashids and top 8 Evo 2017 finisher)
  • DAIGO THE BEASTV – Fuudo mentoring Hatsume (top Cammy player)
  • DetonatioN Gaming – Itazan mentoring fellow teammate Tachikawa (one of Japan’s best Ibukis and rank 68 on the Global CPT leaderboard)
  • GODSGARDEN – Kazunoko mentoring Mizuha (the first Chun-Li to hit Master Rank in Season 2)
  • GameWith – Eita mentoring Nauman (up and coming Japanese Ken, almost beat Tokido at Taiwan Cup 2016)
  • YOUDEAL – Haitani is mentoring Osayu (Master Ranked Cammy player and nicknamed ‘the Destroyer’) while Yukadon is mentoring John Takeuchi (another top Japanese Rashid and winner of First Attack 2016)

There is an odd exclusion from this mentoring scheme, as Momochi’s Shinobism program is nowhere to be seen on the roster. Who knows, we may see a potential protege from that school coming to interrupt the eventual mentor tournament later this year.

Source: jiyunaJP

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