“I will meditate and then destroy you.” The Philocypher explains how meditation can improve your game

By on July 30, 2017 at 6:00 pm
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Pro gamers have used it — maybe everyone should try it!

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i will meditate and then destroy you

Tavian “The Philocypher” Napier continues his Fighting Game Philosophy series, this time with guest Paul Harrison from The Daily Meditation aboard to discuss the value of meditation to improving your fighting game performance. We’ve seen Japanese pro players take a moment for exactly this, to focus themselves for big matches — Harrison has discussed this before. And while much of the FGC may not consider meditation something significant to training to play fighting games — or just see it as an amusing aspect of some characters’ design, like in Dhalsim’s classic case — the concept of “mindfulness” and using meditation techniques to relax the body and clear the mind is no stranger to fighting games’ real-life inspiration, martial arts. In the video below, The Philocypher discusses where the benefits of mediation intersect with the goals of a fighting game competitor.

Source: The Philocypher

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