Lay down the Law in Tekken 7 with PepperBeef2Spicy’s “Way of the Dragon” series

By on July 29, 2017 at 4:00 pm
t7 tekken 7 marshall law

Want to quickly pick up Tekken 7‘s Bruce Lee stand-in, Marshall Law, but don’t know where to begin? YouTuber PepperBeef2Spicy — who you may remember as the creator of Tekken 7‘s ultimate prep guide — has made a great video series for the Dragon that’ll help you get up to speed.

His beginner video lays down the frame work for the character for new Tekken players…

But if you already know your basic Tekken gameplay, this 5-minute examination cuts to the chase.

And lastly, once you know your best moves, you’ll want to know your possible combos from them. PepperBeef has you covered there, too, with these conversions:

Source: PepperBeef2Spicy

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