Street Fighter V is coming to the BBC, courtesy of the Gfinity Elite Series

By on July 28, 2017 at 9:00 am
SFV Ring of Destiny

We’ve had Street Fighter on ESPN, and now it’s coming across the pond to the BBC. As part of a deal between the British broadcasting giant and Gfinity, the Gfinity Elite Series will be streamed via the BBC online channel, BBC Three. Broadcast live from the Gfinity Esports Arena in London, viewers will be able to watch players from esports organizations like Method, Infused, EnVyUs, and Endpoint battle it out in CS:GO, Rocket League and most importantly for the FGC, Street Fighter V.

Top European players like Packz, Luffy, imstilldadaddy, and Cobelcog are all present on the Street Fighter side of the tournament, along with some lesser known talent from around the UK. If you want to tune in to the competition, the first BBC stream goes live tonight at 9:00 PM BST/1:00 PM PDT, with commentary provided by top UK commentator Logan Sama.

Hopefully, this will result in a big influx of support for the UK FGC and inspire more FGC-related programming on the BBC. Who knows, we could see Street Fighter or Marvel get its own “Match of the Day” style review program.

Source: BBC Sport

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