Frabisaur teaches us how to fight zoners in Street Fighter V with episode 12 of The Fighter’s Dojo

By on July 27, 2017 at 4:00 pm
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After a break to return to Marshall’s Dojo with AceUnlimited, Genex|Frabisaur is back with episode 12 of The Fighter’s Dojo. After covering how to best fight against the grapplers of Street Fighter V, Frabisaur now takes a look at how to deal with the game’s primary zoners: specifically Guile, F.A.N.G and Dhalsim.

Noting that zoners in any game thrive off of the psychological aspect of frustration, Frabisaur advises practicing patience, testing the player’s defense, maximizing knockdown opportunities, and forcing them to be put into scramble situations they may be unable to handle properly.

For Guile, Frabisaur recommends waiting out the initial storm of the Air Slasher’s zoning, as most of the Guile’s he’s encountered will tend to get frustrated and begin approaching, allowing you a chance to mount your own attack, without having to wade through the minefield of Sonic Booms, Flash Kicks, and Sonic Crosses. He also notes that there are two key times when you can successfully jump against Guile, without fearing the threat of a Flash Kick. Either when he has recently walked, as he won’t have enough time to prepare a charge, or if you know you’re going to cross him up, as he has nothing to effectively cover that type of attack. Lastly, Bazooka Knee and Reverse Spin Kick are -2 and -3 on block, so feel free to challenge them.

On the subject of battling Yoga master Dhalsim, knowing when to move is imperative. Frabisaur suggests reacting to his fireball animations, dashblocking after guarding one of his Heavy normals, and don’t panic when he uses his V-Skill.

Finally, Frabisuar moves on to the self-proclaimed “Number Two” of Shadaloo, F.A.N.G. Declaring him a “lure” character, as he has the outward appearance of a zoning character, with none of the actual strengths of the archetype. Frabisaur advises to exploit him trying to place Ryobendas, as they’re an important facet of his entire game, as the other poison attacks are too weak and slow for him to effectively time anyone out. His standing heavy punch is also -2, so it shouldn’t be respected, and his turn has ended.

For more tips, as well as match footage of Frabsiaur putting these tactics into practice online, watch the full episode below.

If you’d like more assistance or have any other questions, you can contact Frabisaur on Twitter, or join his weekly streams on Thursday nights at, starting at 7:30 PM EST.

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