Start your engines! Abigail day one tech roundup for Street Fighter V

By on July 26, 2017 at 11:00 am

Alright, Abigail’s out and it’s time to get behind the wheel; but what sort of destruction can the Mad Gear gear-head bring to Street Fighter V? The goofy grappler is earning a warm reception as players begin to develop devastating 100% stun combos and dangerous setups for Season 2’s newest character.

We now know those giant arms aren’t just for show, as a Crush Counter fierce can spell absolute disaster with Abigail’s V-Trigger, Max Power. Activating VT after a raw Crush Counter can actually give Abigail enough time to jump in and continue a combo.

With Max Power already activated, a combo from Abigail’s charged fierce punch can do more than 950 stun in a punish situation.

Speaking of charged fierce punch, at maximum charge it breaks guard, leading to some dirty setups like this one:

For those looking for a general overview of the character, AutoMattock has you covered with a solid day one tutorial reviewing Abigail’s standard options.

As desk has demonstrated with across three videos so far, Abigail’s unusual move properties will certain lead to unique tech being developed for the character. Be sure to stay tuned for more, as the exploration of this crazy character continues!

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Kevin Webb is a player, writer and tournament organizer based in New York. When’s he’s not working on his set play or out at an event, you can catch him streaming on Twitch, tweeting about comics or throwing games of Dota 2.