How to get better at Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late[st]

By on July 26, 2017 at 2:00 pm

Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late[st] just came out in Asian regions, and those who imported or bought the game online are eagerly training with the latest version and new characters. While UNIST is a fairly accessible game, there’s plenty of depth to it. The strategic systems, for example, the GRD system, can be challenging to utilize most effectively. Thankfully, those who wish to elevate their game can read a practical guide.

A strong Japanese UNIST player, Ranpo, wrote an Evernote titled “I Want to Get Stronger at UNI. Series.” 

It’s divided into nine sections:

Volume 1 – How to Maintain Vorpal — how to manage that GRD system
Volume 2 – How to Utilize CS — best use of Chain Shift, the cancel that’s available when the GRD system works in your favor
Volume 3 – GRD Break — setting up throws and mix-up
Volume 4 – UNI System Mechanics That You Shouldn’t Forget — Guard Shielding, using meaty attacks on their wake-up
Volume 6 – Trying to Improve at Using the UNI System — why the first 17 seconds of a match are important
Volume 7 – Increasing Knowledge of the System. Without Skipping Any Mechanics — stopping the clock, tips and tricks for a time-out win
Volume 8 – Why Are They Looking at Each Other? Compilation — throw teching and understanding what kind of pressure offense puts on the defender
Volume 9 – Inverse Begins Tonight — links to videos with system primers and a great introduction to every cast member
Source: Evernote by Ranpo; translation and editing by Jasepi and superscience890

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