CFN Portal adds new account system and full frame data for Street Fighter V

By on July 26, 2017 at 11:30 am
Psycho Pass

A number of upgrades to Capcom’s CFN Portal arrived quietly alongside Street Fighter V’s Abigail patch yesterday, adding login functionality for players and full frame data tables for each character.

Using their PlayStation Network or Steam login players are now able to check CFN data online, including win rates, recent matches and overall ranking information on a platform called the Shadaloo C.R.I (Combat Research Institute). Using this information players can generate a personal player card called a “Psycho Pass” showing off their favorite character, rank and chosen avatar. The pass can then be shared via social media, and the C.R.I tracks the number of followers a player has.

Many of the features mirror those of the the now defunct which was active until April of this year when the website’s CFN account was banned. However, the C.R.I platform only shows recent Ranked match opponents, and does not list specific match results or match IDs for replays.

Logging into the C.R.I also provides access to frame data for each character, and while there have been some alternative sources, it’s certainly nice to have the data from Capcom first hand. The data is also quite detailed, including airborne frames for attacks and exact numbers for V-Trigger cancels.

Though it’s odd that Capcom would roll out this service without a formal announcement, it shows at least some progress towards turning CFN into a better platform for competitive players.


Source: CFN Portal

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