Amaterasu and Moses join the Fight of Gods roster

By on July 26, 2017 at 12:00 pm
Moses Battle of Gods

PQube and Digital Crafter have announced the next two characters that are joining the heavenly Fight of Gods roster. From Shinto legends comes the sun goddess Amaterasu, and from the Abrahamic religions comes the prophet Moses. Last time I checked, Moses wasn’t a god — but he looks prepared to go a few rounds against the likes of Odin and Athena here, anyway.

The liberator of the Hebrew slaves actually fights using a copy of the Ten Commandments, along with his staff and water magic. As long as he doesn’t kill his opponent, he’s still following the rules that he himself set down. I wonder if “thou shalt teabag thine salty foe” has been added as his personal 11th commandment?

Amaterasu is a ranged specialist, who uses her bow and sun shield to keep her enemies at bay. The shield serves as a reminder of that other incarnation of Amaterasu seen in a fighting game, namely in Marvel vs. Capcom 3 via Capcom’s Okami.

You can see the two fighters battling it out in the trailer below — and you can play Fight of Gods yourself when it launches August 22nd on Steam.

Source: PQubeGames

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