Street Fighter X Tekken version 2013 players “cross the line” with these round robin replays from Evo 2017

By on July 25, 2017 at 4:00 pm

Though Street Fighter X Tekken would only grace the Evolution main stage twice — in 2012 and 2013 — Aaron “Psychoblue” Pinsky has made it his mission to keep the 2D tag team crossover title alive, by personally organizing side tournaments for the game at each and every event he attends, including the last four years of the Evolution Championship Series. He even recently organized a Discord server for fans of the game to convene and seek out competition. Side tournaments for titles left out of the main lineup are fairly commonplace now, but it is perhaps rare to see Japanese players travel across the planet for the sole purpose of entering one of these unofficial competitions. But such is the case with Esuta, who has reigned over the SFXT competition at Evo for three consecutive years, utilizing a wide variety of characters. He even tied for 7th in 2013.

This year, 8 warriors arrived to “cross the line” in Las Vegas, for a round robin-style tournament, to crown the newest Evo champion. With each player facing one another for points, with the two highest-scoring players meeting each other in the finals, play was expected to be sharp — as these fighters, which included the likes of Esuta, Hazama, Roknin, and even Psychoblue himself, battled it out for crossover tag team supremacy. Would Esuta retain his crown for the fourth straight year, or would we crown a new SFXT champion? You can find out for yourself with the full playlist of matches below.

If you’re interested in more high-level SFXT 2013 action, check out his channel.

Source: PsychoblueSFXT

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