Demon Machami is a super heel, while Shin rebels against his lineage in these CFN Portal profiles

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After stepping into the ring with Meterorito Jr. and Antler Inoki, the new CFN character profiles continue, as the Shadaloo Combat Research Institute releases more Activity Reports on the various persons of the Street Fighter universe. As per usual, Private Nakagawa is back to provide narration for these profiles.

First up, the “Super Heel” and another superstar of the Squared Circle, Demon Machami!

Private Nakagawa: “We keep on introducing the pro-wrestlers. A skilled worker who uses powerful moves. She chose a ‘heel’ way of life for herself, and will continue until she burns out. A heel amongst heels, a super heel!” [“Super Heel” was the last gimmick of Devil Masami before her retirement.]

Demon Machami

Basic Info:

Name: Demon Machami [Based upon Devil Masami.]
Height: 168cm
Weight: 90kg
Blood type: B
Birthday: January 7th
Country of Origin: Japan [All copied from Devil Masami’s real stats from the Japanese Wikipedia (in her English page, her weight is 70kg).]
Likes: Tsukemono, [With her real name Masami Yoshida, Devil Masami is the shop manager in a traditional Japanese tsukemono restaurant in Kokurakita-ku, Kitakyūshū, named 小倉城 糠蔵 Kokura-jō Nukagura (“The rice bran granary of Kokura castle“). Catering industry is a common activity for retired professional wrestlers all over the world.] Musical Activities
Dislikes: Hairy Caterpillars [“Hairy caterpillar” in Japanese also stands for “pest, irksome person”.]

Private Nakagawa: “The boss of her inherited female heel stable “Demon Army.” [Devil Masami entered the female heel stable ブラック軍団 Burakku Gundan “Black Army”, whose “boss” was Yumi Ikeshita, in 1979. After Ikeshita’s retirement in 1981, Masami took over as the boss of the newly renamed デビル軍団 Debiru Gundan, “Devil Army.” Hence that “inherited.” ] “The match between ‘Shocking Demon Machami’ and Rainbow Mika saw the then-newcomer Mika stormed by fouls, run-ins and all sorts of turbulent violent actions. Mika’s seconds tried to enter the ring to help, but Mika stopped them from interfering. Mika’s resolution to a fair-and-square fight deeply impressed the crowd and Machami herself. Mika won the match, pinning Machami with her Dream Driver. After the match, Machami built a good friendship with Mika. She’s a very good singer.” [Devil Masami was also an enka singer, and released an album (“Rain of tears”) and various singles such as Silent Goodbye and 燃えつきるまで Moetsukiru made (“Until I burn out”). The last one is referenced in her description.]

Next up, we have Street Fighter’s original Korean Taekwondo practitioner, from 2008’s Street Fighter Online: Mouse Generation, Shin! Released only in Japan and developed by Capcom subsidiary Daletto, which was a joint venture between Capcom and Games Arena (in association with Revoltech) was released for PC, and was designed to be able to be played with a computer mouse. It also featured character customization for its roster, which consisted of Ryu, Chun-Li, Zangief, and Ken for the Street Fighter series, as well as an assortment of characters from Louis Cha’s novels, Cyborg 009, Rival Schools, and even a fictionalized caricature of then-United States President Barack Obama, among other things! Shin served as the title’s only original character.

For those who may not remember the game, here’s a demonstration video, courtesy of Machinima, as well as the title’s official trailer.

Private Nakagawa: “His father is a karateka, and his mother comes from a lineage of Taekwondo masters. Inspired by the Vale Tudo he saw in America, he aims to become a fighter.”


Basic Info:

Name: Shin
Height: 178cm
Weight: 77kg
Blood type: AB
Birthday: July 9th
Country of Origin: South Korea
Likes: Music, Showy Things
Dislikes: Sober Things

Private Nakagawa: “A handsome young man with gorgeous eyebrows. He has great confidence in himself and is a bit of a narcissist, but is a legitimate taekwondo expert. He’s studying in America, searching for his way in music and painting. During his stay at the dormitory, he saw by chance the Vale Tudo tournament “Eternal Fighting,” and the match between Alex and Gerald Golby shocked him. Inspired, he returned immediately to his home country and resumed his taekwondo practice.”

With that, another pair of CFN Portal profiles is now complete. Would you like to see either of these characters possibly appear in Street Fighter V in the future? Do you happen to have any fond memories of playing Street Fighter Online: Mouse Generation? Let us know in the comments.

Sources: CFN Portal; Machnima; kurono67

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