Prepare yourself for the 2GG Championship with this hype trailer from False

By on July 23, 2017 at 2:00 pm
2GG Championship Series trailer

With only three Sagas left to go before the main event, things are getting awfully tense on the 2GGC Circuit. Many auto-qualifier spots have been taken by TSM|ZeRo and once you get past the top two, everyone is pretty close when it comes to their points totals. To hype up the event, Rush Hour Smash’s False has composed a short trailer to show how much is on the line at 2GG Championship Saga.

With $50,000 at stake and only a few chances left for players to qualify, expect fighting to be at its fiercest during the next three Sagas. 2GG Championship Saga will take place on December 1st at the Esports Arena in Santa Ana. You can check the tournament standings here and see if your favorite player has secured a place in that final bracket.

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