Arc System Works pays a visit to Riot Games

By on July 22, 2017 at 6:00 pm

It looks like Arc System Works might not be finished surprising us anytime soon. Fittingly, as the team members have been visiting the United States for Evolution 2017, maybe it’s not surprising that they stopped on the way to California. Yesterday, the Japanese Arc System Works Twitter account posted a curious picture (Retweeted by the English account):

The Tweet talks about the impressive scope of Riot Games’ studio and about ASW getting a tour. Video game studios rarely visit each other “just because,” so could this be a sign of some sort of collaboration? Even if it’s not an all-out fighting game, guest characters aren’t out of the question.

Earlier this month, we’ve deduced that Arc System Works will announce something related to RWBY, which turned out to be a guest appearance in the new BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle. After hearing those Evo announcements, is there really anything off the table?

We also know Riot Games acquired Radiant Entertainment, who used to work on now-defunct Rising Thunder, a fighting game. Lately, Arc System Works seems to be the company with a magic touch that others want to work with.

So, for now, just a :thinking: emoji.

Source: Arc System Works Twitter

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