Tekken 7 video roundup: Frame trap reference guide, universal wall jump, Law guide, and more!

By on July 21, 2017 at 3:30 pm
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Evo’s over and (hopefully) everyone is back home and recovered from their trips! As the dust settles and the eager wait for Geese Howard begins, let’s peek back into the backlog of impressive tech being made by the community for Tekken 7.

One of Europe’s best players, TDG Fergus, shows us a tech trap with Asuka’s hidden Ki Charge Ultimate Tackle.

BemaniAK shares his comprehensive Josie Rizal guide. As a player that’s been playing in the arcade and tournament scene prior to combo release, his Josie can help you quickly get up to speed.

eljaykooljay made a great video guide of every single move in the game that’s plus on block.

HelloMrBrahms breaks down the common oki options you’ll be forced to guess against versus Xiaoyu’s Art of Phoenix sweep.

If you don’t know about the Universal Wall Jump, rooflemonger shows you how to do it!

King Gaming Marks uses crossups to bait out panic buttons at the wall with these Law wall combos.

And speaking of Law, LiangHuBBB gives you a number of frame traps and execution tips for the Bruce Lee stand-in.

And just to close things out, Gatoray put together a fun, quick side-by-side of The King of Fighters XIV Geese and Tekken 7 (trailer) Geese.

I hope Tekken will give us a run down of their interpretation of Geese soon. I’d love to see the character’s tool-set put into practice!

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