ESL’s Street Fighter V KOTH event has arrived on Disney XD, now called ESL Brawlers

By on July 21, 2017 at 2:00 pm
ESL Brawlers

It seems Disney XD are going all in on fighting games after the success of their Evo broadcast, as they have just announced a partnership with the ESL to bring Street Fighter V to the channel. This comes in the form of ESL Brawlers, a rebranding of the previously-named King of the Hill stream, which sees competitors fighting over and then defending the throne from new opponents.

The first season of ESL Brawlers will run for six episodes; the pilot has already aired and is viewable on Disney XD website. You’ll be able to see players like PIE|Smug, PG|Punk, EG|K-Brad and RISE|Marn battling for the throne, so expect quite the explosive first episode.

Don’t worry if you do not have access to Disney XD, ESL Brawlers will be streamed live on the ESL Twitch channel.

Source: ESL

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