Grind your opponents into the pavement: Abigail’s Street Fighter V character introduction video

By on July 19, 2017 at 1:00 pm
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With Abigail, Street Fighter V‘s fourth Season 2 character, set to release next Tuesday, Capcom UK’s Matt Edwards gives us an in-depth introduction to Mad Gear’s gear-head in the latest Character Introduction Series video. Towering over the competition — as the tallest character in the SF universe — at a massive 8-feet tall, along with being in a class of his own when it comes to health, boasting a whopping 1100, his counter V-Skill and armored Nitro Run will no doubt make him a dangerous opponent. His V-Trigger grants him the ability to charge a variety of punch attacks to provide them with armor, and even the ability to guard break his foes when held fully. He will no doubt satisfy fans of Hugo from previous titles, as well as players who like to strike fear in the hearts of their opponents by harassing them at all rangesĀ — as he searches to find who stole his beloved monster truck.

For those concerned that his stature may make him immune to being crossed-up or thrown like other characters, have no fear: no special exceptions will be made for the Mad Gear lieutenant, as seen in this Tweet by Edwards.

Edwards also confirmed that we’ll get our first look at Abigail in full action tomorrow, during a WinnerStaysOn stream, after the UK regulars return from Evo.

For more on Abigial, you can check out Capcom-Unity’s breakdown of his abilities here.

Abigail will be released next Tuesday, July 25th, alongside the Metro City Bay Area stage!

Sources: Capcom Fighters; TheStreetWriter (Twitter)

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