Windjammers flies onto PS4 and PS Vita on August 29th

By on July 17, 2017 at 12:00 pm

Following its brief online beta back in June, DotEmu and PlayStation have announced that the remastered version of Windjammers will be launching August 29th on PS4 and PS Vita. DotEmu have worked tirelessly to make this port as close to the arcade version as possible, and even drafted in members of the French Windjammers community to ensure it plays as it should.

According to DotEmu, the online beta helped improve the port’s menus and matchmaking system, with the developer choosing to go with GGPO for the full release. Members of the SRK team played through the beta and while the core game was the Windjammers you know and love, it was let down by its connection issues and dodgy menus. By the sounds of it, these problems will be fully rectified by the August release.

DotEmu are planning to go full esports with this port of Windjammers, promising updates and improvements following the initial launch. They are also partnering with Fangamer to produce Windjammers merchandise, including licensed Frisbees and hats.

Windjammers Merch

Source: PlayStation

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