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By on July 17, 2017 at 9:00 am
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Aside from the white hot fighting game action, Evo also hosts a number of panels for which players and fans can get to interact with people within the industry. Evo 2017 was no different with a number of panels hosted by both Evo itself, as well as industry and community leaders.

Now while the expected panels from Capcom and SNK didn’t come to pass, we still had a number of great panels from companies like Twitch, Evo first timers Square Enix, well known personality Maximilian, as well as from the Evo staff. For those who missed these panels, we’ve shared them below. Take note that these are quite long, some reaching an hour in length, so we suggest setting aside some time for those who want to watch them.

With this year being the 15th anniversary of Evo, one of the biggest panels at the event was the one on the history of the event. Hosted by Evo and co-founder Tom “inkblot” Cannon. The panel covers a lot of ground from the events humble beginnings to what it is now. Along the way, Tom showcases some memorable moments through photographs and video while also discussing how Evo has grown over the years.

Next up, the other Cannon brother, Tony “Ponder” Cannon takes the stage to discuss his groundbreaking fighting game netcode – GGPO. Starting as a proof of concept, playing emulated fighting games online to show how using a method called rollbacks could help hide the network lag, GGPO has grown into a solution used by multiple fighting games. In addition to this, the rollback technique it pioneered inspired other companies to follow suit. In his panel, Ponder goes over exactly what GGPO is and the technology behind it.

The biggest platform for streaming fighting games online – one which has hosted Evo for a number of years now – is Amazon’s Twitch. In this panel led by Zhi Liang Chew with special guest Ari “fl0E” Weintraub, the Twitch crew discuss certain things that any erstwhile streamers need to consider.

Speaking of streamers, one of the biggest fighting game streamers around is none other than the “dood” himself, Maximilian Christiansen. In his own panel, he and his crew talk about their own stream and their 5 or so years of their show and their plans for the future.

Finally, we have Square Enix’s panel. A relative newcomer to Evo, Square Enix are ready to join in on the fighting game action with their unique arena fighter Dissidia Final Fantasy NT.  That game is the focus of the panel as the team from Square Enix, including producer Ichiro Hazama, discuss why they brought the game to Evo, their ideas behind the game,including the things that make it unique as a fighting game.

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