Capcom Unity break down Abigail’s moveset in Street Fighter V

By on July 17, 2017 at 10:00 am
Abigail Capcom Unity

Following his reveal during Street Fighter V Top 8 last night, Capcom have released details on Abigail’s moveset in Street Fighter V. As surmised from his character trailer, the super human hot-rodder is a grappler who uses his immense strength to dominate his opponent. Abigail has access to two command grabs, alongside his special Nitro Charge run. This run get one hit of armor (two hits when it’s an EX) and it can be cancelled into four separate followups–his V-Skill, a command grab, a powerful punch or a huge overhead.

His V-Skill is Hungabee, where Abigail thrusts his belly forward to parry an incoming attack. It can be done high or low, with a successful parry leading into a potential combo. His V-Trigger is Max Power, which allows him to charge up his four unique heavy punches. Each charged heavy punch gets a hit of armor and opens up for extended aerial juggles. A fully charged Max Power punch will break your opponent’s guard, so beware of a charging Abigail.

You can see Abigail’s Story and Premium costumes below, and you will be able to let loose with the (Mad) gear-head on July 25th.

Source: Capcom-Unity

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