Wavedash Games finally show off gameplay for Icons: Combat Arena

By on July 16, 2017 at 4:13 pm
Icons Combat Arena

Following the teaser trailer after Melee finals yesterday, Wavedash Games have (at last!) shown off gameplay for their eagerly anticipated platform fighter, Icons: Combat Arena.

Along with gameplay, this trailer also reveals Icons’ sword fighter–the warrior empress Zhurong. She is very similar to Marth, with her aerials and forward smash looking almost identical to that of the Fire Emblem lord. The presentation is a bit underwhelming at present, with hit-sounds lacking any real oomph and character animations being a bit too similar to well-known Smash characters like Fox, Captain Falcon and Marth. Do keep in mind that it is pre-alpha, so there is still plenty of time to polish up visuals and give each character their own unique feel.

It’s certainly got the fluid movement from platform fighters like Melee though, with wavedashes, platform pressure and edgeguarding all intact. With its open beta launching on Steam this fall, platform fighter fans will see if Icons can tempt them away from the likes of Melee and Smash 4, with its lighting fast combat, online matchmaking and free to play structure. You can sign up for the open beta over on the official Icons website.

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