Final Fight’s Abigail joins the Street Fighter V roster on July 25th

By on July 16, 2017 at 7:26 pm
Abigail Street Fighter V

After plenty of rumors and speculation, Capcom has confirmed that Final Fight’s Abigail will be the next character joining the Street Fighter V roster. Looking completely different to his original incarnation, the Mad Gear gang member is a giant among the SFV cast, standing as tall as two Kens stacked on top of each other!

As you can imagine, Abigail is a heavy hitting grappler who overwhelms opponents with his immense strength and huge bulk. Alongside overwhelming command throws, Abigail has an armored charge move, a multi-hitting flip which takes up almost half the screen and a Critical Art where he uses his opponent as a speed bag. Much like Hugo in Street Fighter 4, be very afraid when you see this man mountain running towards you. With Abigail being as tall as he is, I’m not sure how you’ll be able to cross him up, as his head practically touches the top of the screen.

Abigail comes back with the Metro City Bay Area stage, which has fighters battling on a rundown waterfront near the bruiser’s scrapyard. If you can’t wait to throw down as this gargantuan grappler, Abigail and the Metro City Bay Area stage will launch on July 25th, alongside the Champion’s Choice outfit for Guile, the Ring of Pride and Suzaku Castle stages, as well as the nostalgia costumes for Alex, Juri and Ibuki.

Source: Street Fighter

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