NerdJosh shares system mechanics for Arika’s Fighting Layer EX

By on July 15, 2017 at 11:00 am
Arika Evo

Over at EVO, lucky players are getting the chance to play what, not too long ago, was just a dream: Arika’s new fighting game Fighting Layer EX.

FGC icon NerdJosh was kind enough to grab some system mechanics of the latest Arika fighter, for those of us not in attendance.

The biggest surprise is the Gougi system. Somewhat similar to Street Fighter x Tekken’s Gem System, you chose a “deck” (a set of 5 Gougi Icons with different attributes) and fulfill various actions to get bonuses during gameplay. Unlike SFxT, however, you are locked to a particular set, and each set seems geared towards fairly specific goals.

What do you think of Arika’s mechanics on paper?

Source: NerdJosh

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