Learn how to better utilize strings, offense and movement in Tekken 7 with Episode 4 of Marshall’s Dojo

By on July 15, 2017 at 1:00 pm
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After discussing launchers and Tekken’s general combo structure, Genex|Frabisaur and AceUnlimited look to take things to the next level by looking at proper usage of strings, offense and movement in Episode 4 of Marshall’s Dojo.

After visually demonstrating some Jin strings and how to best utilize them, they move on to putting together a proper Tekken offense. Ace advises new players to avoid playing predictably, and notes that the longer a certain string may be, the more unsafe and predictable it is.

Finally, the duo tackle the topic of movement. With Tekken 7 taking place on a 3D plane, the element of sidestepping comes into play, which can be used to avoid strings with gaps, but is also countered by certain tracking moves. Unlike 2D games, that may have fast normals or invincible reversals, properly utilizing backdashes and sidesteps are the main method of dealing with situations defensively.

Ace also suggests that the best defense is a good offense, by throwing some launchers in alongside your movements, to get full juggle opportunities on predictable tactics. You can see the full video below.

If you’d like more information or have additional questions about these concepts, you can contact Frabisaur on Twitter, or reach AceUnlimited on Facebook. Don’t forget to check out his stream for the occasional episode of Tekken Live, where he and Ace will be looking to teach viewers these concepts in real-time matches. The next episode is set to cover some of the more advanced movement techniques of wave dashing and backdash cancels, so be sure to keep any eye out for it.

Source: Frabisaur

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