VesperArcade discusses the latest leaks and rumors surrounding Abigail in Street Fighter V

By on July 14, 2017 at 1:00 pm
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With Evo now upon us and Capcom set to make several announcements, despite their canceled panel, VesperArcade takes a look at all of the latest leaks and speculation surrounding the likely third Season 2 character for Street Fighter V, Final Fight’s Abigail.

Noting that Capcom has recently changed the profile picture and cover photo for the Official Street Fighter Facebook Page–something the company did when Kolin and Ed’s reveals approached–Vesper points out that the new background looks very 80s and Final Fight-esque, with its neon lights and brick wall. He also points out the recent leak on the CFN Portal site of what appears to be a Character Data page for Abigail, with the initials, “abg,” that has since been taken down. The larger silhouette reveals that the new fighter will be absolutely massive, with a Mohawk and spiked collar, further pointing to the Canadian Mad Gear lieutenant.

Vesper also discusses his thoughts on how the towering Canadian will play, as well as the potential announcement of a Super Street Fighter V and more, below.

You can see his original speculation video about Abigail here.

A recent Tweet from Capcom France is a huge hint toward Abigail’s inclusion in Street Fighter V, showing off a stage on the New York City waterfront. It may not be Metro City, but the lighting and grimy atmosphere fits Abigail’s ’80s aesthetic. The Street Fighter Twitter has also confirmed that the next Season 2 character will be revealed during SFV Top 8 on Sunday, so expect Abigail to appear then.

Are you excited about another Mad Gear member coming into the Street Fighter universe, and do you have any hopes about Capcom’s other announcements this weekend? Give us your thoughts in the comments below.

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