JoshProd’s new Dreamcast port of Breakers will be available at Evo 2017 via VideoGamesNewYork

By on July 14, 2017 at 11:00 am

A while back we covered one of the stranger announcements to come across this site: a modern re-release of SNK’s Breakers on the Sega Dreamcast. Well, it looks like the French published port will be available on the floor Evo this year.

The game is showing up courtesy of VideoGamesNewYork, a gaming store from East Village, New York. Their site mentions they offer their customers a “personalized service, very different from the cold and aseptic chain stores.” I absolutely believe them if they are the sort to show up to Evo with a stack newly printed Dreamcast discs in 2017.

Source: VideoGamesNYC

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